The Harris Family

In 1992, Mark left behind dreams of working for NASA to begin his missionary career in Mali, West Africa. For six years, he worked to develop student ministries on university and high school campuses in the capital of Bamako. During that time, Mark began to notice the lack of opportunities for national believers to be equipped for ministry. Feeling a call to help meet that need, he returned to the US for more training. He enrolled at Columbia International University where he met his wife, Marcie.

They married on May 26, 2001. In May of 2002, Marcie completed her M.A. in Intercultural Studies, and Mark received his M.Div. in Christian Education. In 2003, they returned to West Africa. Serving primarily among the Malinke church, they cast vision for God’s work and equipped leaders to guide the church into that work.

In 2009, Mark was introduced to the concept of spiritual formation, the process through which believers are helped to grow in Christlikeness. Through the spiritual disciplines and perspectives, he began to grow in intimacy with Christ, and God began to transform his life. Mark realized that for effective, sustained ministry, other leaders also need the same type of intimate and transformative relationship with the Lord.

Four years later, Mark, Marcie, and their two boys, Dylan (3/04) and Caleb (6/07), headed to East Mountain in Stellenbosch, South Africa, to provide leadership for the spiritual formation component of the community. Mark is also currently pursuing an M.A. in Spiritual Formation from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. www.eastmountain.tv