What to Expect

What to Expect

…when visiting on Sunday morning

How long is the service?
Our Sunday service begins at 10:00 AM and is usually over by 11:30 AM. 

What is the format of the service?
A typical service includes: 1) a time of corporate worship in song, 2) a sermon time, 3) a time of congregational sharing and praying together; and periodically, 4) celebrations of church ordinances, and 5) fellowship meals (second Sunday after the service).

What is the music style?
Our musical style is contemporary with a mix of instruments (guitar, bass, piano, drums, etc.) with an emphasis on vocals. The mission of the worship team is to lead the congregation, with the help of the Holy Spirit, in genuine heart-felt worship—not merely to perform. The worship time features a mix of God-honoring praise songs and hymns.

What are the sermons like?
We hold fast to the centrality of God’s Word and the practice of preaching expository sermons. While occasionally a topical or seasonal message will be preached, our tradition is to work our way through whole books of the Bible, verse by verse, that the “whole counsel of God” may be delivered. Past sermons are available through the sermon archive.

You mentioned a time of congregational sharing. What’s this like?
Following the sermon, members and visitors are given an opportunity to share publicly their thoughts or questions on the sermon, personal testimonies or thanksgivings, and prayer requests. During this time, we literally pass a microphone around to those who wish to share—with a loving reminder to keep it brief, biblical, and beneficial. We typically close the service with a time of corporate prayer.

What church ordinances do you observe?
We believe the ordinances given to the church are two, baptism and the Lord’s Supper—and that these ordinances are intended as symbolic outward expressions of faith for those who are saved (for believers). We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of the month. We offer baptism by immersion throughout the year, as requests are made known to the elders.

How should I dress?
On any given Sunday, you will find our members in everything from jeans to a suit and tie, and high-heeled shoes to flip flops. It is not as important to us what you wear, but that you’re there.

Are children permitted in the service?
Yes! Our entire church family (from youngest to oldest) is encouraged to meet together as one assembly. While a nursery for little ones 3 and under is available during the sermon time, babies and toddlers are welcome to remain with their parents during the entire service. 

Won’t the sound of a baby or toddler crying disrupt the service?
Well yes, sometimes! But we’re used to it. We believe strongly that the benefits of families worshipping together far outweigh the minor inconveniences or distractions that sometimes occur. If a noisy child becomes a prolonged distraction to others around you, we suggest the parent exit the sanctuary with their child, attend to their child’s needs, and return when things are back under control. We want you to experience grace and help at Antioch as you train your children to participate in the service.

What to expect when visiting a home group

What goes on during home group?
The format of each home group varies, but generally, you can expect a time of singing, Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. The emphasis is on discussion rather than teaching, and getting to know one another to build a community of love and trust.

What about directions, parking or house rules?
Feel free to contact the host family before coming if you need directions or have specific questions about parking or what to bring or prepare for (if anything). In fact, it will help the host family to know ahead of time how many visitors to expect; and if you have children, how many and how old they are. They can also let you know if there are any specific house rules, such as boundaries for children during the meeting or a target time for home group to end.

Who leads the home groups?
Each home group is led by two men who have been chosen by the elders because of their spiritual maturity, their knowledge of the Word, and their commitment to building up the saints. The home group leaders meet with the Elders once a month for training, encouragement, prayer, and accountability.