Ariel Family

We found Antioch when it was in its “nomadic” season, and we only had one child. We went because of friends, but we were looking for a church that was mission minded. Antioch was on the campus of Elon College (now University) at the time, and did a lot of outreach with missions and local projects. As Antioch matured it stayed mission minded, but became more family focused as well. This was good for us, because as the years went by our family grew to eight children.

The church has been good for spiritual growth for our family. There is accountability for every part of the family. Though not by programs, everyone has a place to be. Antioch over the years has had many activities. where my wife and I have worked with the youth, hosted home groups, lead church sponsored holidays, and helped in many other aspects. There are too many to list, and none of these were programs. Some of the events went for a short time, others are still ongoing. The result is a busy church life that is authentic and doesn’t have a business program feel to it. It has resulted in lifetime friendships who are the, “friend who sticks closer than a brother.” 

Antioch never left the missional mind-set. We were blessed to spend four+ years living and working on the mission field in Colombia. Antioch is our home church, and helped us all along the way. They sent teams yearly, and this is in addition to the other teams sent to other countries. Most of our help came from particular people of the church who were generous beyond the call of the regular church needs. They gave with finances, but also materially with whatever they could. The greatest part is the relationship that the people maintain over the long period of time that separated our family physically from the church.

Antioch Community Church strives to be the body of Christ, and publicly proclaim the gospel in word and action. We have been privileged to be a part of this body, and proud to call Antioch our earthly church home.


Dawn Coller

As far as I’m concerned, Antioch Community Church is the best church I’ve ever seen.

When my husband was out of work, there was no question of people helping us financially. There were times when I didn’t know what we would have done if Antioch Church had not helped us.

More than that, when my son died there was so much help for me. There was financial help for us, food, prayers, and even help in paying for his funeral. My deacons and elders spoke at his funeral without even being asked by me. And on that note, I feel like they have allowed me to go through the process of grief without judgement.

I know that when I ask for prayer that I will be prayed for and that it will reach the ears of God.

And last but not least, when our pastor teaches the Word of God I know that he will not compromise, that He will bring God’s truth in a vibrant and clear way, and will do everything he can to stay true to God’s Word and not deviate from the truth.

Antioch Community Church is alive and vibrant and in love with the Lord our God.


Cindy Fox

Antioch is a spiritual family in the true sense of the word. Their love and care for one another is genuine and mature. Our family has been ministered to and encouraged many times, and it is a wonderful place to be equipped “for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to maturity…” (Eph. 4:12-13). I love the members of Antioch and what God is doing here!


Geoff Gentry

I am a part of the Antioch family for many different reasons. I’m taught the word and encouraged to walk it out. I’m encouraged to walk in the gifts and talents the Lord has given me and to grow in to my calling as a man. Antioch is a loving family who supports, encourages, and blesses its’ members through good times and hard times. It is a family that challenges you to grow and will not let you hide. This family wants God’s best for you and that is not always easy. So if you are ready to grow in your faith, learn and live the Word of God, and be a part of a great family of faith, please join us at Antioch!


Chrissy Hahn

In August of 1994, I arrived on campus at Elon College to begin my Freshman year.  I wanted to find a good church as soon as possible, but had no car and knew no one who could drive me anywhere.  At that time Elon would invite a guest pastor to hold a church service the first Sunday of school, and Mark Fox just so happened to be that guest pastor. The worship and sermon made me feel right at home, and I went up to him afterwards and asked him about his church, and was delighted to learn that at that time they were meeting on campus!  I began attending right away and LOVED all the families and how welcoming they all were. Scott, now my husband, arrived at Elon the following year and began attending the church as well. Fast-forward to present day: Antioch has been a wonderful source of fellowship and solid, spiritual food (through music, sermons, discipleship, etc.) ever since. Mark Fox married Scott and I, and the our church body has loved and cared for us through the birth of our three children, and many ups and downs over the years.  We are so very thankful to call Antioch our church home!