Christian Beliefs Series

Christian Beliefs Series

Come join us for a 10-week Christian Beliefs Series & Children’s Catechism Class beginning on June 13th.
We will be using Wayne Grudem’s book “Christian Beliefs: 20 basics every Christian should know” as our study material. If you don’t already own the book, you can purchase one here

During the Christian Beliefs class we will offer a separate Catechism class for any children who would like to attend. We plan to use the New City Catechism for this study. We also plan to have childcare available for those with little ones (3 yrs and under) who need to be in the nursery during this time.

The study will begin each week at 8:45am with 25-minutes of teaching from one of seven teachers, then we will break into groups for discussion and will end no later than 9:45am. 

Here is the schedule for the Christian Beliefs Series and what we plan to cover each week:

  1. June 13 – What is the Bible? (Chapter 1)
  2. June 20 – Break for Father’s Day
  3. June 27 – What is God Like?; What is the Trinity? (Chapters 2-3)
  4. July 4 – What is Creation? (Chapter 4)
  5. July 11 – What are Angels, Satan, and Demons? (Chapter 6)
  6. July 18 – What is Man?; What is Sin? (Chapters 7-8)
  7. July 25 – What is Christ?; What is the Atonement?; What is the Resurrection? (Chapters 9-11)
  8. August 1 – What is Election? (Chapter 12)
  9. August 8 – What is Death?; What is Heaven? (Chapters 16, 20)
  10. August 15 – What does it mean to become a Christian?; What are Justification and Adoption?; What are Sanctification and Perseverance? (Chapters 13-15)
  11. August 22 – What will happen when Christ returns?; What is the Final Judgement? (Chapters 18-19)

If you have questions or would like to sign up for the Christian Beliefs Series, the Catechism Class, or the Nursery, please email Mark Fox using or call the church at 336.586.0997.

We hope you will plan to join us on any of the weeks that you’re available!