The Riggsbee Family

The Riggsbee family is Josh, Sarah, Chloe, and Eli, and they live in Tansen, Nepal. Tansen is a city of about 30,000 that is 9 hours from Nepal’s capital. The first foreigners (EVER) were allowed in Nepal in 1951, and the hospital they are currently serving in was started in 1954.

Josh is a family medicine doctor, and Sarah is a speech therapist. They have the privilege of helping to provide healthcare and educational mentorship to a largely Hindu patient and staff population. Tansen Hospital is a training center for Nepali residents and provides compassionate, quality care to poor and underserved patients. Through the pastoral care team, all patients are introduced to the truth found in Christ. They are in Nepal through Samaritan’s Purse World Medical Mission, seconded to United Mission to Nepal. www.momosandmountains.blogspot.com