Grace Community Church in Loftus, England

Robin Singleton is the pastor of Grace Community Church Loftus. 

Loftus is a coastal market town in the North East of England surrounded by beautiful scenery.  Within walking distance you can explore farmland, moors, ancient woodland, cliffs and sandy beaches.  The older generation can remember when Loftus was a prosperous hub of economic activity but unfortunately the town now faces considerable challenges.  With high unemployment and few job prospects the town is a little run down, showing the scars of financial and social deprivation.  Family breakdown, poor mental health and addiction problems are very common. The greatest need of course is not financial or social but spiritual.  The local churches have been in decline for many decades which is illustrated by the fact that along the main street there are two prominent but derelict church buildings. 

In 2014 Robin and his wife Caroline moved to Loftus with their 5 children (Thomas, Rebekah, Matthew, Luke and Hannah) in order to establish a new church and to proclaim and live out the Gospel.  Grace Community Church belongs to the FIEC (Felllowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) and is the only evangelical church in a town of about 4-5000 people. 

The church values family life and we follow many of the principles of family integrated churches.  Robin and Caroline are home educators and are supported by a few other families and individuals as they seek to reach out to the lost.

The whole Singleton family enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the local scenery when they walk their slightly crazy but loveable dog, Millie.

You can sign up to receive occasional prayer updates from Robin here: https://mailchi.mp/b8912f252c3d/gracechurchloftussupporters