Happenings around Antioch

Moldova Update

Good morning from Moldova!
The wonderful folks at World Team have worked hard to prepare for this week of ministry. They are, from left to right, Richard (AKA, long armed selfie stick holder), Bertie, Rodger and Sherri, Dave, (Jeff and AmyJo), Jeff, (you know who), and Sasha and Sara.
We will stay in Chisinau this morning for the first conference. It was supposed to be at a camp outside of town, but seven families in the church were struck with chicken pox this week! So, adapt and improvise. This first conference is with Good Shepherd, the church led by George and Alexei, whom you have heard Micah and I refer to from previous trips. I am told this is the only evangelical church in Moldova that is self-supported. The rest depend on funds from the west.
We will be moving from the apartment we are in to a hotel for one night, and then traveling tomorrow to Ocnita to stay with a family there, and present a conference all day on Monday.
Everyone is well, and we are excited to start the conferences!
Much love,