Happenings around Antioch

If you love Me, lead…

I was praying for someone this morning, that the Lord would bless him and his marriage, and that he would not be afraid to lead his wife. The thought that came into my mind as I was praying was “If you love Me, lead.” That’s a wonderful motivation for leading our families, men: because we love the Lord Jesus, we LEAD our families! Because the love of Christ compels us. I thought of what Jesus said to restore the fallen disciple: “Peter, do you love Me? Feed my sheep.” Three times the Lord connected love for Jesus with care for the flock.
Fathers, we have a flock to care for, to feed, to lead, and we can do what God has called us to do because of our love for Him. Perfect love casts out fear. If we are afraid of our wives or afraid of our children or afraid of the responsibility that we have been given, perhaps we should cry out to Jesus that He would help us love Him more.

If we love Him, we will lead.